Redwood Frequently Asked Questions

Redwood Frequently Asked Questions

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Redwood Lumber & Supply Company, LLC, provides the finest quality redwood siding, redwood decking, redwood beams and redwood boards. We are your source for premium redwood lumber.

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Redwood Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't listed here, feel free to call or email us.

No other softwood has the rich beauty or the long-lasting performance of redwood heartwood. No wood imitator has the natural beauty of redwood. Redwood products are less likely to warp, split, cup or check so they will look better and last longer than other woods. Redwood products have little or no messy pitch or resins. No other softwood holds paints, stains and other coatings better than redwood. Redwood also "glues-up" exceptionally well.

Redwood Timbers in a Pergola

Yes. We can match almost any standard redwood pattern that has ever been made and we have the ability to manufacture most custom patterns we encounter.

The California Redwood Association publishes the official pattern book for redwood lumber siding and paneling. This PDF file is titled Redwood Lumber Patterns No. 17. The most recent edition.

Yes. We can often give you exactly what you need and, if we can't, we'll get as close as we possibly can.

Redwood boards of various length.

Redwood lumber has either flat or vertical grain. Redwood siding is considered vertical grain when the annual growth rings form an angle of 45 degrees or more with the surface of the siding. If the angle is less than 45 degrees, the siding is known as flat grain. Vertical grain siding possesses enhanced dimensional stability and will hold paints and finishes better than flat grain.

This line drawing shows the visual difference between vertical grain (straight lines) versus flat grain (wavy lines).

We care about the environment, and we only obtain our redwood from forests in Northern California that are managed to protect natural resources and to grow trees on a sustainable basis.

Redwood tongue and groove siding clads a contemporary house.

Excellent. We offer the best value in the redwood market. We provide quality products not available from other sources and back it up with the best personalized service in the business. While we may not always offer the cheapest redwood prices, you will find what you want and get better quality and service for your dollar. Seriously, we deliver the best value in redwood decking prices and redwood siding prices.

The welcoming entrance of a large home makes beautiful use of redwood timbers and redwood siding.

Yes, we have one of the smallest minimum order policies in the industry. For example, we will work with you whether you want a few pieces of redwood or an entire truckload. The same is true for redwood siding or redwood beams. Minimum quantities do apply to certain custom orders and delivered redwood products. We'll get you the high-quality redwood you need as long as it's economically feasible.

Large dimension redwood beams are carved and then assembled into a unique structure. The assembly is shown in a workshop but will ultimately be the open beam structure for a celing in a custom home.

Choose a grade among the architectural grades of redwood decking for a top-of-the-line, luxury deck. These grades contain have few or no knots and have a sophisticated look that suits high-end redwood decking projects.

These redwood grades include: B Grade, Heart B, Clear grade and Clear All Heart. You can choose all heartwood grades for a longer-lasting redwood deck. For more details see the booklet Redwood Grades & Uses.

Redwood Grades & Uses

Redwood Grades and Uses is a colorful booklet that shows and describes the differences between the standard grades of redwood lumber. This link leads to a PDF file of the booklet.

A variety of fasteners work well with redwood decking from nails or deck screws to hidden fasteners that leave the redwood deck surface free of hardware. Fasteners must be non-corrosive. Stainless steel, aluminum or top-quality, hot-dipped galvanized fasteners perform well. Electroplated galvanized fasteners do not. Poor quality fasteners will cause unsightly stains on your redwood decking.

A modern redwood deck's design includes multi-levels, builtin planters, retaining walls and benches.

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There is no comparison. We are redwood specialists focused on providing the best redwood quality and service available. We manufacture our own products and stand behind them. For other suppliers, redwood is a sideline and only a small portion of what they do.

A spacious redwood deck includes a curved balustrade. The top rail of the balustrade is natural redwood, the newels and balusters are painted white.

Many of the “cheap” redwood sources you see on the Internet are simply middlemen who take your order and pass it off to another company. They never see your product and have no way of judging its quality. More often than not, they’re unable to provide good customer support because they’re not redwood experts.

On the other hand, Redwood Lumber & Supply Company, LLC is a real brick-and-mortar company with a 20-acre manufacturing facility and a multi-million dollar redwood inventory. Our expertise comes from more than 60 years of redwood lumber manufacturing and sales experience. We know the quality of our redwood, because we've manufactured it and protected it in our own storage facilities. We baby our redwood lumber so you get a higher-quality building material. When you buy from us, you have the advantage of our 60 years of redwood know-how and the best customer support in the business.

An aerial view of Redwood Lumber and Supply Copmany's the 20 acre manufacturing facility in Healdsburg, California.