Redwood Old Growth Salvage

Top Quality, All Heartwood redwood recovered from salvage logs.

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Quality Old Growth Redwood from Salvage

A salvage log recovered for redwood lumber manufacturing.

Redwood Lumber & Supply Company, LLC works diligently to provide the best architectural redwood materials possible, while minimizing impact on the environment. We do this by choosing the best resource possible. For example, we are in constant contact with private landowners from Santa Cruz, California to the Oregon border in search of old-growth salvage logs and reclaimed, naturally fallen trees. We add these to our premium quality, sustainably-grown, redwood resources. As a result, our redwood product line is ideal for green construction and LEED projects. These ecologically-friendly materials bear out the most aesthetically desirable, superior quality redwood many seek without cutting down ancient trees. The resulting finished redwood products evoke the richest color, character and durability known in architectural lumber.

Redwood Salvage Log Resource

Redwood lumber being recovered from a salvage log.

While they are a small part of what we do, old-growth salvage logs do not involve the harvesting of living old-growth trees and they complement our larger product line of renewable young-growth products. This treasured salvage resource largely comes from previously fallen timber that was not recovered decades ago. Either it was physically too difficult to retrieve or it was not economical to process at the time. Redwood salvage logs may also come from naturally fallen trees due to more recent storm damage, landslides and other natural occurrences.

Manufacturing from Redwood Salvage Logs

Top Quality Redwood Beams & Timbers from Salvage Logs

Limited in availability and highly desirable, ecologically-friendly old growth salvage redwood provides the natural attributes designers and architects seek in wood products. Salvaged redwood features inherent color variation and traits that only ancient material can provide—including occasional fire scars, grain variation, bark inclusions, and decades old bug holes that tell the life story of the tree itself. Careful initial breakdown of these salvaged logs optimize the character of each timber and we handle each piece with great care to emulate its best features for our customers. As a result, our salvaged redwood products are highly treasured by builders and homeowners nationwide, providing the exceptional beauty and warmth sought for distinctive installations.

More Redwood Salvage

Several redwood salvage logs awaiting manufacturing.
Redwood Salvage Logs

Ecologically-friendly old growth salvage redwood provides high quality redwood.

A stylish door and doorway made from redwood salvage material.
Lumber from Redwood Salvage

Clear All Heart vertical grain from old growth salvage log was used for this elegant door and entry way.

A single large redwood salvage log on the back of a truck.
Redwood Salvage Log

Salvage logs are limited in availability and highly desirable

Attractive redwood posts, beams and joists made from redwood salvage material.
High Quality Redwood

Salvaged redwood features inherent color variation and traits that only ancient material can provide.

A unit of large dimension redwood beams.
Salvage Redwood Beams

Our salvaged redwood products are highly treasured by builders and homeowners.

A unit of 8x8 redwood beams made from salvage logs.
Large Dimension Redwood

By using salvage logs, we can provide hard to find, large dimension redwood lumber products.