Redwood Lumber Patterns

A modern house with a curved roof with redwood siding and soffits.

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Redwood Specialties

We love working with custom wood workers around the country and supporting their trade. Our inventories are filled with highly desirable redwood beams and redwood boards to meet the craftsman’s requirements.

Among these are full-sawn rough dimension redwood lumber and redwood timbers – a great resource where standard-sawn stock just won’t do the job. Ask us about custom redwood beam and board sizes. We can manufacture most sizes you might want, using high quality salvage log material or sustainably managed, young-growth resources.

Redwood Mouldings and Specialty Products

Our standard patterns are typically stocked in grades of Clear All Heart and/or Clear, but we can provide you with a variety of suitable grades for almost any circumstance. We offer the highest quality stain grade to the most economical paint grade - and every grade in between. For more information on redwood grades see Redwood Grades and Uses from the California Redwood .

We have beams and timbers in a wide range of sizes.
Redwood Beams and Timbers

We have high-quality redwood lumber in a wide range of sizes.

A stylish door and doorway made from redwood salvage material.
Lumber from Redwood Salvage

Large dimension redwood stock is used to create special products like custom siding patterns and mouldings.

A single large redwood salvage log on the back of a truck.
Traditional Siding Patterns

We can match and provide traditional patterns like this 3-lap redwood siding.